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Imagine that you are surfing the Internet, looking for some information about your favorite prime-time sitcoms, and that you think that you have hit the information highway jackpot when That Sitcom Show appears in your search engine results. Now imagine your surprise and rapidly escalating arousal when you click on the link only to have it open to reveal a series of incredibly hilarious, yet also pleasantly perverted parodies of episodes from many of your favorite television series. If you like sex videos that involve a bit of impersonation and cosplay, and that contain fetishistic elements such as enormous dick, huge tits and very high- heel shoes, then this site is for you well, as many of the sexual characteristics of each character are greatly exaggerated for comic, as well as erotic effect.


Once you clicked on the link you would be able to tell immediately, from clicking on each adult pic, which comedy is being parodied and you are guaranteed a good snicker. For instance, the episode called Cumming With The Connors – It Must Be Love, plays with the irreverent idea of incest between a sexy older sister and her little brother and depicts a familiar dumb blonde giving her nerdy little brother a blowjob. Another episode features a sarcastic, sexually desperate aunt exploring the bulge in her niece’s “bad boy” boyfriend’s pants.

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There are quite a few simply awesome episodes dedicated to a show called Married with Issues. The episode called Al Goes Deep features a favorite curmudgeon on the couch, with his hand down his pants, being seduced by his horny redheaded wife while his slutty bonded daughter looks on. Yet another, titled A Babe in Toyland features the nymphomaniac mother teaching her nerdy son all about how to use sex toys to turn her on and ram her huge ass. Some of the sitcoms parodied here go back at least twenty years. Yet another parody, called That 70s Ho Cookies and Cream, shows a slutty version of the sarcastic strawberry blonde on the popular show from the nighties being gone down on by her nasty brother while their mom is busy whipping up a cake in the kitchen. The oldest reference on this site is an episode called Leave It to Moms Beaver The Milk Man, which features a curious yong man spying on his mom while cheating on his dad.

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Of course, the young man does not know what to make of the huge bulge growing in his pants and is soon invited in to join the hot and horny action. Of course, any sitcom with the words Big Bang in it is ripe for a great sex parody and this collection includes a very funny interaction call Big Bang Penny’s facial. You might surprised to find out how well-hung her nerdy, shy boyfriend is in this eerily familiar sitcom world and this sexy version of Penny, who is dressed in cheerleader outfit, has a hard core taste for cock.

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One of the most impressive things about this site’s videos is how much the actors in each video resemble the stars of the original celebrity sitcoms, only a bit of added sexy appeal. Each an every sexual element that could be attributed to the character on the regular is deeply exaggerated here, almost to the point of being cartoonish. The blondes that are made fun of are extra spacy and silly and the older women have enormous jugs and big round rumps. However, nothing is too cartoonish as the characters still manage to be erotic at the same time. Also most of the characters are dressed in outfits that we identify with sexual cosplay, such as t the leopard and red vinyl outfit worn by the buxom mom in Married With Issues and the perfect fifties housewife dress worn by the lead actor in Leave It To Mums Beaver The Milk Man episode.

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Just because these episodes are a bit funny, does not mean that they do not contain quite a bit of absolutely hard-core erotica. In each video there is also a bit of something for everyone, from blow-jobs, toe-sucking, hand-jobs to tit-sucking, riding on top, x, blow-jobs and twat-fucking. Of course, there are also lots of tit- fucking, anal sex and cum being spurted all over big round sexy rumps. Yet, another aspect of this site that must be mentioned is the wonderful direction of the actual adult videos. If you like close-ups of exquisitely well-formed vadges, especially as they are cumming and enjoy the look of an enormous throbbing veined cock as it is shoved into an ass or pussy, then these are the videos for you. These are nicely interspersed with other, less graphic shots. The picture quality and the sound quality is also great in these videos no matter what format or speed you download them at. Most of the parodies begin with a hand job or a blowjob that starts with big soft lips sliding up and down the girth a giant cock. If you like to watch a woman take a huge dick up her ass, these videos really do explore that theme and a favorite position explored in all is the woman whose vadge is being rammed from the rear while she is being bent over a counter, kitchen table or a couch. There is also lots of creamy male cum and lady squirting, which serves as a very sexy desecration of your favorite sitcoms. The women in the videos on this site also clearly adore men and can hardly wait to wrap their lips around a cock and savor the man’s salty cream. Most of the men are also spectacularly well hung and handsome in these videos, adding to the pleasure of watching them grind their cock into their fake family members. Part of the pleasure of watching these videos is witnessing the insertion of these monstrously huge cocks into their tiny tight holes and the surprised looks on these babes’ faces as they shamelessly take it all inside of them. Membership has it’s benefits when it comes to joining this site which, when all I said and done gives you access to 7500 more pornographic videos and 6000 photo sets. Perusing these photos is a great idea, because when it comes erotica, one is not always in the mood for a parody or comedy and you can find everything from the slow and romantically filmed encounter with a nubile to rougher sex with older college students to many more sites based on nubiles and step-incest. Furthermore, each video on each site can be downloaded onto any device that you like and in six different formats and five different streaming qualities. This allows you to spontaneously enjoy any video you like, whether it be to laugh with a girlfriend or good buddy at the sexy sitcom parodies on, even as a prelude to some real hot sex of your own, or to watch something a little more hard-core, artistic and rough. In any case, all of the videos on the Nubile Network are fabulously shot with good sound and lighting, and the quality of their production is quite obvious the minute that you click on the Play button. Just think of how much fun it would be to be part of the Nubile Network that aside from Thatsitcomshow. Cm also entitles access to eight other themed sites including ones devoted to naughty teens who need a big spanking, step siblings caught in the act of doing it with each other, petite women that like to bounce on top of big stiff pricks, lusty encounters on the casting couch, tiny women who love their rear ends spanked, wicked little ballerinas who like to fuck older men and more and more!